Wednesday, July 16, 2014

What I'm working on.......

I bought this really cool table at a rummage sale years ago with the idea in mind that stained glass would be great on it and my front porch would own it even more with some flowers in a vase on it.I pulled it out and found all of my left over stained glass and started working on this project 4th of July week end.  We had great weather and it really gave me a calm feeling and that is not a bad thing. I had made stained glass stuff before and had used liquid nails.  I was not in the mood to spend money on this project so I just used Elmer's glue. I was not sure how it would hold but it worked out just fine. My original plan was to  make a peace sign on it but I thought you would have to be in spot to see it so I went with a flower so no matter which way you walked past it you would see the pattern. Below is the progression so far. 

The daisy was supposed to be my inspiration but it did to turn out that way. (as usual)
Which color first?
Pretty flowers to hang with  on a summer day.

The beginning just laying out the pattern.

Elmers glue is fine.

Here we go.

Getting bigger.  Not so sure about a white background.

Where I cut the glass. Please don't walk bare foot in that area.

Friendly flower who landed in the crack of the driveway.  Love how it adds color.

So much for following the red lines.

I like the green background.  Our neighbors came over to put their design expertise  two cents in and thought the green would be the way to go.  I like the mirror outline. I am a fan of the "mirror" in a stained glass project.

Growing green.

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