Wednesday, June 29, 2011

You can't always sew.

 Somethimes you need to get out and cut loose with younger people to find inspiration!
    Sometimes young people need to do the same.

                It feels great for all. Try it.

Pillow love

The above pillows are waiting for their prospective homes.  Their quilts are in  "quilt land".  They will be joining them soon.  This may be the last time they get to spend time together.  Can you tell which ones are related?

Tucker Miles Luchuga

I had a request for a blanket that I had already made but after I saw the baby in his bright yellow,  hip,  newborn ducky sleeper I knew  the blanket my dear friend had picked out was not going to work.  So I made another blanket.(the one you are seeing) out of some scraps.  I left her both of the blankets so she could pick.  If she picks the other one I will be shocked.  I'll keep you posted. You have to admit that is quite a solid name.
A little closer.

Monday, June 27, 2011

German boy.

This  quilt  was made as a request for a German exchange student.   It is the colors of his favorite soccer team in Germany.  It was a quick quilt. Still waiting to hear from him to see if he likes it.  MMmmmmm?

Purple Power finds a home.

This was one of my first quilts that never seemed to find a home, so I donated it to a an organization named S.O.A.R. They make sure a neignborhooed in Chicago stays extremely nice. It was a silent auction (my first) so of course we kept going over and sneaking to see who or if anyone bid on it.  The bidding started at $75.00. the final bid was $150.00.  I wanted to see who bought it because every time someone bid on it the other person bid it.  They must have really liked it.  This quilt needed a home and now it has one.  I know I feel better already.  A woman at this "gala" picked up my card and wants a T-shirt quilt made for her husband with his runner T-shirts.  Yae a new quilting adventure.

When I look at this quilt I see that I was dong improvisational patchwork before I even knew what it was called.

I like this one too!

You can't always quilt.