Thursday, December 19, 2013

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Thanks for Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving my dear friend and her  husband had the extreme pleasure of meeting her son's new girlfriend.  She and her husband were extremely excited about this event occurring and could not wait see them and share Thanksgiving together. They were spending the night in Chicago so I thought there needed to be a cool gift for the cook ( the new girlfriend).  I found this apron but it did not have any straps on it.  So I added the scraps and hipped it up with Beatle fabric.  This really made the apron young!  I made a few potholders and added the Beatles fabric to them as well as some peace sign fabric.  I left some tissue  and a Nordstroms bag to wrap this cool - ass hostess gift in. I was told it was a big hit and was worn that night while the duck was being prepared.

So sorry for the shadows.
Fits perfect.  Duck looks great.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


I am a very lucky person.  I was able to attend Anna Maria Horner's Needle Point class in Nashville Tennessee.  WOW.  I realized I cannot thread a needle and this is more challenging than I thought. It took me quite a while to get my footing. I ended up making this.  This will be a clutch when it is done. I was supposed to follow a pattern but it began to make my eyes go cross and after I saw the girl next to me stitch the snot out of it I had to sit back and make a new game plan.  First, I HATE patterns.  I can usually look at something and see how I am going to make it with my modifications. Secondly, anything goes with this creative group. As you can see I started with a flower in the middle, then I added the lines on the side.  Then I had no idea what happened. That is okay it is my first needle point project and I was able to hang with other Anna lovers and meet Heather Ross. Oh what a week end! 

Wednesday, October 2, 2013


DSC01365Vikki has been an employee where I work and a well liked one at that.  She was always very proud of her son for his accomplishments as a track coach.  Vikki had brought over his T-shirts to make his second quilt. A week later she had a stroke and died.  This was a shock to many people.  Vikki had touched many people's lives throughout her career. Now, what do I do with the T-shirts? I went to the funeral home and found her distraught son and had a conversation about the T-shirts and how we would get them to him since he lived in San Antonio, Texas. We came up with a plan.  As I made this quilt I was amazed at all the places he had traveled with his track coaching and I realized how proud she was of him and why. Vikki loved her boys. This quilt was special to me in many ways.  I knew this would be the last one and probably the last time I would have a connection to her son. I know that her spirit will live on through all that met her and my quilts will be a keepsake for his family for a long time. Amen.
Just saying!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Flower Power

This cool, hip, happening flower came to me on a Friday night just hanging around watching TV.  I had seen one similar to it in the Sundance catalog on both pockets in a different color.  I decided to go for a more subtle color and on one pocket.  Now this has become a new obsession. I purchased  a jean jacket on Ebay and am hoping to make it look a little hipper with this new-found obsession. I also thought this would be a fun "needle night". I took a class from the one and only Anna Maria Horner which refreshed my memory on all the stitches that can be used to make something.  Thank you Anna. This is so easy and so cool.  Everyone needs one pair of pants with a flower. Ride on.


Monday, August 19, 2013


Recently I was able to spend time with a dear old fried who resembled "Olive Oil"  in our earlier years. Now she is a budding artist in L.A and still the same happy go lucky gal.  After spending a few days with her I knew I needed to make her a quilt. It was time for her to be "Debby Quilt" blessed."  She looked at many different fabrics but did not see anything that she loved.  I then went to the scrap pile  and she went nuts.  All I could think of was perfect,  this is exactly the way I like to  do create quilts. I want the person I am making the quilt for to be happy!  She is very artsy and will sleep much better now. At least that is what she told me!
In the washing machine.
DSC01430The front.
On the bed.
On the bed.
DSC01447The back.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Game Quilt.

This blanket started after I saw a picture of my great niece waiting for a 4th hof July parade dressed in red, white and blue but sitting on brown and pink blanket.  Yikes, this cannot be so. So I decided I would make a blanket that kids could play games on.  It startedd with the tic tac toe board in the middle.  But, what about the other kids? So, then the checker board emerged on the end.  Then what about a group game where more than two red, white and white and blue kids can play?  So made a game board using photo fabric and deisgned the square on an excel spread sheet. 
This is the game board I made using photo fabric   It is desgned to teach young people how to play games.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Needle Night - Make Something Happen

I  had been thinking about having my friends over for a "Needle Night".  What is "Needle Night"?  Needle Night is a time to get together with friends and have a nice evening  crocheting, sewing or learning something new.  After I attended Needleworks with Anna Maria Horner  I  thought it might be fun to do something different with my  friends.  I always hear "I wish I knew how to crochet" or "I used to do that but I have forgotten."  I  made it on the night my husband would be gone and it would be a an evening of friendship with my gal friends. This is how I  handled this event!
Always have food.

Extra needles and yarn.

I bought some extra needles and yarn.  One of my friends  wanted to make a dish cloth so I googled it and found out what kind of yarn I needed and made sure I had a few colors to select from as well as a simple pattern. I realized when this evening was over that it worked well for beginners and they were able experience success when they left and that was my goal.  But for me I can't stop making them! AHHHHH
DSC01378Make it festive and check your lighting!
Let the story teller tell stories.

I had the pleasure of running into Anna Maria Horner at QUIlTcon and made sure she new how much she inspired me to move forward with this idea. Her Needleworks week  end retreat  gave me this idea.  Plus, I needed to have some girlfriend time and winter was starting to wear on all of us. I hope you do this someday. If you do I have a few tips for you.
  •  When someone says, "I'll bring something".  Let them.
  •  Make sure all of your light bulbs are working.
  •  Mix up your friends, you would be surprised who knows who!
  •  If somebody wants to come and not do anything, let them.
  • Make food easy and cheap.  Sam's Club pizzas worked great for us.
  • Let your  friends bring what they want to drink, this way you end up with a variety for your refrigerator when they leave. :)
  • Have extra needles and yarn available.  A few of my friends found their mother's kits and used them to start their new creative adventure, others had nothing.
  • Enjoy yourself. :)
Bathroom chalkboard to greet friends.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

One World One Night

This quilt was made for a fundraiser at St. Katherine College in California.  Yikes! How did this happen?  I had made a quilt for Maria in California who told her friend about it her happiness with her quilt I made for her. Her friend Katherine thought it would be a great idea to have a quilt at her fundraiser as a piece for a silent auction. It took us awhile to agree on a pattern that tied into the theme, but once we figured it out it went fairly fast.  The event was May 18th.  I can't wait to hear how this added to the event.
Thanks Diane

 My favorite time to see the quilt.  It show cases the strangest parts and looks so vivid because it is wet.


 A little closer now

 On the bed


                                                                      A little closer