Sunday, July 20, 2014

Tiny Yellowish Squares

Sometimes I get in the mood to cut squares VERY small and put them together.  That is what I did with this.  I love how it looks on  my bed. It is so happy and sunshiny it makes me smile every time I walk past that yellowish square blanket.
Sunny day quilt.

Sunny close up,

More sun!

On the bed.

A little closer now.

The size.

Flash power.  Denyse Schmidt meets Anna Maria Horner very nicely.


More closer.

Kelsey B.

A new style of a T-Shirt quilt was in the making for this quilt. This was an order for a T-shirt quilt but not  the usual framed in quilt.  Okay,  I can do this.  I had about 70 shirts with instructions on which side to use and what to make sure was used on that part of the T-shirt.  I really enjoyed the instructions because it framed out the importance of each T-shirt. I always find the center T-shirt first then work from there.  On this one it was "Daddy's  Little Girl".  There were two widths of T-shirts on this one I believe on about 12 inches and one  about 15 inches.   The order was to add the color striped trim around the border and frame it out in black.  This really pulled the quilt together.  It made it very happy!      
Just hanging!

Funny how the washing machine brings up the best part of the  quilt!

From the side to show the frame.
Close up of a cool college.

More close up.
The border.
Iron me up

Square me up.

The stack!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Kitchen Make Over

My kitchen seems to get make overs frequently.  The kitchen make over to me is a new curtain and an album cover frame with the same fabric in it with some "Cool Stitchin" on it.  It helps to make it more visual and draw your eye in as well as give it some dimension. I find this activity very relaxing and that is a plus.
The curtains.

The cheap album cover with some "Cool Stitchin"
I had just finished doing some impulse buying at JoAnn's on a beautiful summer Saturday.  Later that day I was showing my friend the flower fabric and she replied with, "That should be in the kitchen for summer." Of  course, I listened to here and away I go.  I shortened them a bit from the other curtain.  I didn't care for how I stitched it before but it works. Sorry about the flashes on the picture..  I need to work on that part of picture taking.
Just stichin

Picture in frame

Close up of stiching.

Dish Rags

I have been sewing dish cloths for the past two years.  They keep me busy and I don't have to watch the road when my  husband is driving.  When I know I am going to be on the road for a while (2-3 hours) I make sure  I have a wide variety of colors and my size K hook.

I use a size K needle and chain 24 and hope for 21 single crocheted stitches n a row when it is done.  I stop crocheting when my hand fits over the whole dish rag. They have turned out to be great hostess gifts. Atleast that is what they say to my face. When friends stop by they always ask to look in the bag and pick one out.  They are fun to send to old friends and tell them this is my latest "product line".  It is also interesting to see who picks out what design. They give me peace in chaos.

This is what my lap looks like in a car. 
I tend to stack them. I guess seeing progress is nice.

A different view of "the stack".
After the stack into the bag.

More Cool Stitchin

I have been thinking about embroidering a jean jacket for years. I really never ever,  ever did not want to touch my favorite one.  I bought a new Eddie Bauer jacket but it is still very blue and the cool stitching does not look so cool. So. I started on my fave jacket. I like my flowers to be subtle so you can see them but you cannot.  I want them to blend in and just be a part of the fabric not the whole fabric. This one my jacket is a little brighter than normal but seems to be happy in its home. I also added to my favorite jeans.

The red flower just hanging.

Cool stichin a different angle.

Closer now.

I added this flower to my favorite jeans.  It does not have to perfect stitches to make a statement.
Where it sits from my pocket.

These hearts are on the bottom right leg.  I like my little hearts because you  have to look close to see them.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

What I'm working on.......

I bought this really cool table at a rummage sale years ago with the idea in mind that stained glass would be great on it and my front porch would own it even more with some flowers in a vase on it.I pulled it out and found all of my left over stained glass and started working on this project 4th of July week end.  We had great weather and it really gave me a calm feeling and that is not a bad thing. I had made stained glass stuff before and had used liquid nails.  I was not in the mood to spend money on this project so I just used Elmer's glue. I was not sure how it would hold but it worked out just fine. My original plan was to  make a peace sign on it but I thought you would have to be in spot to see it so I went with a flower so no matter which way you walked past it you would see the pattern. Below is the progression so far. 

The daisy was supposed to be my inspiration but it did to turn out that way. (as usual)
Which color first?
Pretty flowers to hang with  on a summer day.

The beginning just laying out the pattern.

Elmers glue is fine.

Here we go.

Getting bigger.  Not so sure about a white background.

Where I cut the glass. Please don't walk bare foot in that area.

Friendly flower who landed in the crack of the driveway.  Love how it adds color.

So much for following the red lines.

I like the green background.  Our neighbors came over to put their design expertise  two cents in and thought the green would be the way to go.  I like the mirror outline. I am a fan of the "mirror" in a stained glass project.

Growing green.

Cool Stitching

I started stichin about a year ago after attending Anna Maria Horners Needles Workshop.  I am not the greatest but it sure is relaxing. I  found this shirt at the end of the season at the Gap for $12.00 so I  bought two. All I could think of was "perfect".  I started this one by putting the edging around the top. Not sure how much more iIll do on this one.  What makes me laugh is when someone asks me if I did this. When I reply yes they are so surprised .  Mmmm the stiching is not perfect.  Come on friends give me some credit! 

The almost blank shirt.
Around and around.

Close up of my stitches.

Not so close up of stitches.