Saturday, May 15, 2010


I have been telling my Cousin Ricky and his wonderful wife Lisa that I wanted to make a quilt for their wild, fun, energetic, heart felt daughter Hannah. So I had in my mind pink. I think I always do because that is my favorite color and I like to work with it. When Lisa told me she is into turquoise I thought, "What is THAT? Is it Arizona turquoise and if so that will suck to work with because I just spent a day in Santa Fe and I am over THAT turquoise. Or is it ocean turquoise? Mmmm.... Water I LOVE that. So I gathered some colors I thought might go together then I went on the hunt for "turquoise". I new I needed a little something to pull it together and the lady at Joann's found just what I needed. So I bought it and you can see it showing through and how it made the rest of the blanket look "turquoise". I decided the pattern I would use would be stripes then cut them into shorter ones and sew together. It is a Denysee Schmidt classic. When I finished I had just enough to make four big squares then I would cut from there. After looking up the size of a full bed I knew I did not have enough. So I called Lisa and had her measure. AAHH This morning Lisa sent me the measurements 53X72! Perfect. I knew I had just enough to make into a "Happy Hip Hannah Quilt".