Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Grandma Love

My friend's dear grandmother passed away and she had the honors of cleaning out her most treasured items. Of course, there was some fabric found and guess who came to her mind.   She said to do whatever you can with this fabric.  I LOVE to hear those words.  No strings attached just GO.   I stared at that beautiful 70's fabric for a week trying to make this happen.  Then, it all started to come together.  I really had to think on this project which sometimes feels good. This was the dead of winter and that is my favorite time to sew. I tried to put all of the colors and pieces  into the quilt and that was driving  me NUTS! Once I pulled out some of the colors and realized the brown would separate them nicely and away I went.
All of the pieces and colors.
The red embroidered snowflakes??

Oh no! HELP!

Always my favorite part of the process.  I love what the washing machine highlights after it is done.

Once I took out some of the colors I ended  up with a blanket and made a few pillows.  I found the brown to really separate  the those crazy colors.

A little closer with some shadows.

I split up the back with the brown fabric so both would colors would not clash anyone than they needed to.

This is the red fabric that was already cross stitched by Grandma.

I  put batting on the back of this and pulled up the back and made this a  table runner.

It looks great  on a table!

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