Monday, August 19, 2013


Recently I was able to spend time with a dear old fried who resembled "Olive Oil"  in our earlier years. Now she is a budding artist in L.A and still the same happy go lucky gal.  After spending a few days with her I knew I needed to make her a quilt. It was time for her to be "Debby Quilt" blessed."  She looked at many different fabrics but did not see anything that she loved.  I then went to the scrap pile  and she went nuts.  All I could think of was perfect,  this is exactly the way I like to  do create quilts. I want the person I am making the quilt for to be happy!  She is very artsy and will sleep much better now. At least that is what she told me!
In the washing machine.
DSC01430The front.
On the bed.
On the bed.
DSC01447The back.