Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Scrap Yarn?

On a cold, dreary, winter night I found some left over yarn and started making an afghan.  Then, I found more and kept adding it in.  I am using a larger hook and doubling my yarn.  It goes really fast until your friend comes over and STOMPS on it!  Yes I was told to tear some of it out because the color did not work.  Well I have made three trips to the sewing store to get MORE yarn.  This is not what I wanted this project to be.  Now I am "hooked" on it and can't stop.  In the mean time I am supposed to be finishing  a teen age quilt and and two pillows and two T shirt quilts a long with another queen size quilt.  Does someone out there think I know what I'm doing?

MMM What color?

This was supposed to be an easy, non thinking project. I guess like anything else projects don't always work out the way you want them to.  I wish I could let go of the color thing. :(  Help.

Tear this out?

Well I did.  I tore one of these rows down to the pink because my friend did not like the PINK! So this has taken me longer and I don't want my friend to ever come over in the beginning of a project AGAIN! . PINK IS my favorite color.  This IS a scrap afghan...let the color thing go..repeat..let the color thing go...etc. etc

I like it! :(

I am going to make five stips of this and sew them together.  It is double crocheted with a large hook. This should go fast and clean up some of my yarn.  But I have a feeling this could turn into another project trying to clean up the yarn I just purchased. (So what else is new)  Maybe a gift for a special friend.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Merry Beatles

It seemed to be a Beatle Christmas this year. In my family we pick names and I had my brother's name who is a "music head" So I thought I would make him a Beatles quilt. His basement is filled with all types of music memorabilia. I found the fabric first and of course fell in love with it so I bought it all.  Yes, nobody was making anything out of this fabric but moi! I tried to find pictures from all eras which wasn't as hard as I thought it might be.  This whole process made me sad as to I used to dance to the Beatles and pretend I could jump through the TV onto the  stage and be with them.  I was also at Shea Stadium in 1964 begging my father to let me go see them when they played there and nobody could hear a thing.  I was only six at the time and we were in New York at the Worlds Fair. But I WANTED to see the Beatles.  Back to the story. There were so many pictures I couldn't believe it! So I put the pictures on photo fabric and found one color I had in my stash to frame them in.  It was fun and I liked how it turned out.  I am going to post a some close ups so you can see them better.

Love Love Me Do

After completing the Beatles quilt, I made a pillow out of some of the scraps.  I stuffed it with the stuffing you have to tear a part that reminds me of cotton candy (mmmm yoummy) but it always seems  to clump on me no matter how much I gently rip it a part. Any ideas out there??

Love Love Love

Let Us Be

We Can Work it Out


Abby Road

Country Orange

This is the finished project that I thought had too much orange in it.  It really complimented the other quilt because it was the same size of squares.  Of course I have WAY too much fabric left that will be used for another quilt.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Fairway

This blanket was made for my dear old dad.  This will keep him close to the golf course and that will make him happy.  I know this for sure. Trust me. Merry Christmas.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hannah's sewing!

I had the pleasure of teaching Hannah (Hannica) how to sew. Who is this girl? She is my Cousin Ricky's daughter and is a true peace loving, hippy girl in the making.  You know I like that.   She had the neatest "Hello Kitty" sewing machine and I'll tell you this machine puurrrrrrrrdddd.  By the end of the week end she was sewing like a pro and her hippy quilt was finished and ready to go to off to "quilt land" (Of course she had a great teacher.)  :)
Ready for quilt land!


Hannah pillows.

A little closer now!

Baby Madeline

We have an additon to my family and her name is Madeline Lena.   So of course I had to welcome her with a groovy pink blanket.  It did not quite match the decor of her bedroom but it did brighten up my day.  I figure at this point she does not have a whole lot to say.(literally)  I have a feeling this will be one of many that flow into her life.  Lucky her...or is it me? Great Aunt says alot!

Happy Halloween Madeline

 I always wanted to make a quilt for each holiday.  So I am starting with Madeline.  (poor thing) This is her Halloween quilt.  Since she is an October birthday (a great time of the year to be born)  She was blessed with this blanket. Amen to that.