Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Anna Maria Horner Prism Quilt

Oh lordy this has been a long ride, headache and quite the learning process.  I made this following Anna Maria Horner's Prism Pattern.  I did not realize that her pattern was for a smaller blanket.  I started adding on and started to get a headache.  So, I just came up with my own pattern and knew that whatever I did would be fine. When I finished I was amazed I tackled triangles and the prism idea.  My design friend was shocked I did this.  That made me feel even better!
The trick to this is to lay out the whole quilt. Going a cross left to right pick up every row.  Sew the row together then sew row to row.  I kept adding on  and adding on and it became a big cluster.

Ahhh I love it!

I used Anna Maria Horner fabric and Heather Ross and Amy Butler! They seemed to all get along nicely.

Closer now.

I love this!


Sort of the middle.

On the bed.



Just hanging

Sew happy.

Blended love.


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