Monday, September 24, 2012


This flower was growing in my back yard without permission! Every year we dig up a new section and I move flowers around then add something new.  Well, last year I did this and found some seeds in my pantry so I thougth, what the heck and threw them in a spot.  This is what came up.  I can trace the seeds to two of my friend who gave them to me who knows how many years ago.  You know pantry, shove stuff in there, waay back in there and find waay later. So I cut it couple weeks ago and have been transporting to and from work like a child so that I keep an eye on the seeds that fall off and pass on to other  co-workers and have a "grow off" next year.  Everyone wants to feel it  and then come up with new name or place it should be growing.  I love it! I thought you might too. There were a few smaller ones trying to grow next to this one so my friend and I dug them up and planted them in a pot to see what would happen.  I'll keep you posted.

My Awesome Table Cloth

I have been on a major fabric binge! Help!!! I have been working on a quilt for the "apron couple".  Yes, that is what  we refer to them now. So when I started looking for fabric for them I ended up at my favorite Hancock's of all time twice.  This one is next to Midway Airport and kind of in a gnarly neighborhood, but filled with fabric that makes me and my quilts happy.  I found my inspiration piece for "apron couple" and then I needed more. (but of course.)  So I made my way to Hobby Lobby and found some more. I needed just a little bit more again.... of course.  So, I made my way to Joann's where there is country music playing on a little radio (just thought I would add that in) and found this taffeta fabric and knew I had to have it!!! The worker told me you could use it for a portion of the table. I thought on no sweetie this is going to rock my dining room.  I pinned the beads on the bottom that I just happened to have in the basement waiting to brake a way and be a part of the upstairs and voila.  The color seems to showcase any thing colorful.  I can't wait to eat off of this at Christmas.

The 70's party!

 My dear friend from work was hosting a 70's party.  She guilted me into making this outfit.  It was fun and easy.  I had the peace sign fabric and cut it to a flare and added it on by machine with a basting stitch so it would be easy to take off.  She loved and from what I heard the party rocked!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Country Pink

This blanket was made this summer during one one of those hot, hot and even hotter weeks.   I am trying very hard to  use up my fabric that has been sitting.  These colors for some reason represent my  heart and soul.  I love the mauve's in this quilt and the gray with the the little flowers.  I had some batik fabric in this quilt but realized it did not work so I had to take/rip it out. In the long run it pulled the quilt together.  I have a friend who is a seamstress and years ago she told me to never be afraid to rip something out that is not working.  Well Jan, thanks.  I rip out all of the time!