Sunday, August 12, 2012


My "Cousin Ricky" (that is what we call  him) has a son named Ryan who is marrying Nicole.  YAE.  For their wedding shower I decided to make them something I thought they would remember.Young couple been awhile since I've been there so I started looking around the kitchen and this is what I came up with .Aprons. You never buy one when are young.  Only older people where those. Mmm. But they have made a come back with all the cool retro fabrics and all other  cool fabrics.   Then, I came up with my own pattern for aprons. I just took an apron and placed it some paper and outlined it. Simple to make.  I made the back side out of fabric of it made of  music note fabric.  The groom to be is a big music head and I think he turned his wife to be into one too. I also had left over guitar fabric (he plays the guitar) it so I "re purposed it" (as Vern would say) I bought the floral because I thought it was cool and hip as this bride to be is.  Then I had left over so I made them into pot holders. I placed everything in the tote bag and I went green for the shower. Ride on.

 I put all of this stuff into the tote bag and made my own card.  (Go green) Some of MY favorite things were the napkins from IKEA  (I love that place) The spatulas were what they had registered for the knives were just cool colors so I had to buy them and the plastic bags were also some of my favorites from IKEA (I love that place) I also threw in the chip clips from IKEA (I love that place)  because I love those too. This was really fun and special for me.  I am planning on making a quilt for the wedding gift.  Oooh la la
Camera Roll-3373 by webquilts
 This is the picture they sent me the night of their shower.  I think they like the aprons.  I was  just tickled to see this picture. Thanks happy couple you touched me. :)

Market Bags

The heat about killed me this summer.  Too hot and too many days of this too hot stuff! So, I started going through my scraps and making market bags. They are different sizes and shapes. The handles are approximately 30 inches long.  They work. I met some college friends I lived with 31 years ago in beautiful Bloomington, IN and had each friend pick one out.  They now have a market bag and a memory.  I like that. Oh, and the weather has changed.  I like that too!