Thursday, July 28, 2016

Everly Meets Tula Pink

This blanket was made for a very sweet girl named Everly.  Everly was turning one and the order from her mother was don't buy her anything make her a blanket. After spending a little time with the effervescent Everly,  I was not feeling pink.  I wanted to try Tula Pinks pattern MOXIE and the rest is history. I just started piecing it by following the directions by using scraps. I hand sewed the quilt together and away we go.  I am now empowered to try more new patterns. I hope Everly spends time on this blanket and has many warm, fuzzy memories.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

What I do with my old skis.

I take my old skis and make them into large, summer coasters. This is the only name I can put on them.  I don't want the moisture from my plants to ruin my tiled table or any of my other tables that I put my fun summer plants on. We just took the ski and cut it into  foot long pieces.  I like to use them in pairs, I think they look better this way. It is just so hard to get rid of some stuff!

Scissor Love

 This was the weirdest thing!!! My scissors fell to the floor and landed like this.  I was so dumb founded I just kept snapping pictures of my cute little scissors who lost their way. I did not move a thing as to I thought they would get cranky and fall.  When I pulled them out I couldn't believe how solid they were in the ground. They seem so dainty like a ballerina finding her way.

Rita's Sunglass Holder

Everyone needs one of these! Especially if you have 30 sunglasses. The order was to make something that would hold my sunglasses.   This is what I came up with to hold all those cute sun glasses. It really is just a miniature shoe holder.

Triangle Love

I made this blanket for fun.  I wanted to use my triangle pattern from Anna Maria Horner and use some scraps I had sitting around taking up space.  I love the way the colors contrast with each other.  I did the binding and the quilting  myself which I normally would not do but thought I could handle the task.  I went a couple inches over from the natural diagonal line to quilt the quilt on my machine and followed the triangles. This went really fast.  I made it a throw quilt and enjoy how it looks on my couch and sometimes the front porch swing.

It seems to be happy with the flowers. I think they speak to each other.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Quilts for Pulse

This quilt was made on a request from the Orlando Modern Guild.  They sent out an email requesting quilts for the victims families, first responders, doctors and nurses for the people connected to the horrific shooting. They wanted hearts and rainbows lap quilt size 45 by 60. This is my version of the assignment. I can't wait to connect with the person who receives the quilt.  I hope they enjoy them. I decided to make two because I had the fabric and I just enjoy connecting with people like this.
A little closer now.

My version of hearts and peace.
Peace and hearts. A little closer,

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Basement Project #2 Pink Peg Board

Whenever there is a project it is always good to have another helping hand that is not your wife's! This is where Tom comes in. He seems to know everything about construction and deconstruction. We needed supports to hold up the pegboard. It progressed nicely and now this is where anything broke is put to be put back together and usually dried.
The 2 by 1's.

"Wait not that way."

I love my white ceiling and my happy pink peg board.

I had so  much fun putting stuff on my pink peg board I can actually find thing now.
My fabric is underneath and this is where anything broken goes to be fixed. Love it!!!

Basement Make - Over Ground Zero

I am posting about my basement project because it is the beginning of my new "quilt cave". This began with me trying to scrape the ugly brown paint off the floor with a little brown scrapper I purchased from Pampered Chef! Well, that did not work at all.  Next idea was to buy the liquid gel stuff that smells like citrus and do one little spot at a time.  That citrus smelly stuff almost gave me a heart attack.  Next idea was my husband's to rent a grinder and grind it off.  We would do one side at a time and then the other.  He spent a Saturday morning grinding and I was upstairs with a mask on because cement dust seems to rise. I aborted that mission and began to call around to see if anyone would take on this task. I found a guy  who knew stuff and would even paint our ceiling white! Yae

Our grinding job.
The brown floor and the other side with all of our stuff!
What a mess.
Our poor furnace.
The upstairs ready for Dexter.
Keep the dust out.
Keep my plants safe.