Sunday, August 8, 2010


Now that I have my fabric organized I am taking all of my scraps and putting them into long strips by their color and value. My plan is  to make one big-ass quilt by making small  squares and  placing  them together in an order that will look like a burst of something.  I'm not so sure if that makes sense but it is just the beginning. I believe this will be a winter project.


Every year before I begin a new school year I start to "freak out" and organize and clean anything I can get my hands on.  This year I took my fabric and folded it by color instead of it being rolled up. I just love the way it looks and I feel better already.  I guess... I thougth... I would share this with you.

"Char" Pillows

My dear childhood friend Charlene cross stitched the birds and put them into frames. I'm guessing 20 years ago. (I have always had a fetish for birds)  Over the years my tastes have changed and I did not know what to do with the birdies.  Knowing that Charlene made them I knew they would be with me for life as anything home made and heart felt should.  Right? So I made them the center piece of each pillow and they seem to be very happy with their new home. The blue gray quilt seems to be happy too.  I know I am. Thanks Char!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Father's Day

Sometimes we spend days looking for those special colors to make a quilt. Maybe we need to take a look at our surroundings and we will find those special colors. Along with those colors we may find that one special person.  A father.