Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Time to crochet

The clocks have changed and it is time to crochet. This is my first project. I have been stuck in a car for a few long trips and I  need to do something in the car to occupy my time before I go nuts watching my speed limited driving husband. I am going to try and not make anything balanced when I crochet.  I'll keep you posted. (No pun intended) 

Good Bye Selvage

I have been saving selvage from my fabric for years and it has been cluttering my world.  I finally sat down and sewed all of it together and made two rugs to be put in front of my washer and dryer. They were made with a larger hook and single crocheted. I wanted it to hold together. This cleaned up such a big mess and now my friend wants to make one for her.  This was a very satisfying project!

Love it!
I finished this with a single crochet around the border to pull it together.  Fits perfect.  Warm feet here we come.

"Apron Couple" Quilt

This quilt was made for the "Apron Couple" They are married now and this was my gift to them.  Theorder was for a blue and green quilt for their bed.  I called the prospective "groom to be" in a mad panic after I realized there are many blue/green combos. Ryan being a very calm young man told me, "No worries, don't sweat over this". AAhhh . Here we go.  I like creating this type of quilt.  I can run wild and free as every quilter must do!  The below picture is it at its final resting place before it hits the outside for a "photo op", then to the wedding in a nice white bag bought from the Container Store with whatever ribbon I can find in the basement to dress it up. For some reason I am so in love with that washing machine picture.  I'll have to work through this weird thing.


Here it is on the bed getting a rest before it goes to the new couple.

The paisley was the inspiration piece.

 In the back yard.  I definitelycan tell where I ran out of blue.  On the bed you cannot notice it as much as here.

The all so cool invitation. Ride on.