Thursday, July 17, 2014

More Cool Stitchin

I have been thinking about embroidering a jean jacket for years. I really never ever,  ever did not want to touch my favorite one.  I bought a new Eddie Bauer jacket but it is still very blue and the cool stitching does not look so cool. So. I started on my fave jacket. I like my flowers to be subtle so you can see them but you cannot.  I want them to blend in and just be a part of the fabric not the whole fabric. This one my jacket is a little brighter than normal but seems to be happy in its home. I also added to my favorite jeans.

The red flower just hanging.

Cool stichin a different angle.

Closer now.

I added this flower to my favorite jeans.  It does not have to perfect stitches to make a statement.
Where it sits from my pocket.

These hearts are on the bottom right leg.  I like my little hearts because you  have to look close to see them.

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