Thursday, February 9, 2017

Sue's Quilt

This blanket was made for my dear friend Sue. The light blue design matches her plates in her kitchen. I tried to make that the focal point and enhance it with the yellow and gold. Sue lives in Arizona where it is nice and warm. I am hoping this will spend time on her couch and pull her room together and not to keep her warm.  Lucky her.
On the couch.


Wednesday, February 8, 2017

D. C. Thank You!

I think we are always looking for ways to change things up in our lives.  Perhaps a new adventure? The Woman's March in DC seemed to provide that new adventure in my life.  I drove there with a good friend and stayed with her friend in Maryland.  This family was so amazingly welcoming and kind that I wanted to thank them with something that would  stay with them for a life time as did the memory for me.  I decide to make them a throw blanket for their family room.  They seemed to have many blues in this room so it was easy to throw together.  I had scraps sitting around from another blanket and decided to try an easy pinwheel pattern.  I loved how fun and fast this went together as well as how fancy it looks. I hope they will enjoy this in their years to come. Thank you.
Close up of the bottom.
Close up of the top.
On a couch.
Close up of the middle.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Apron Love

I found a pattern for child's apron and decided to make one for my dear, sweet awesome, fun great niece. I then started to realize that her father may like one too so of course I used some of the fabric on hers, on his.  The Beatles fabric is on both as well as the peace signs.  I think they both really like to wear them and it brings them together.

Madeline's Apron
Dad's apron

Beatles pocket.

Always a heart.