Sunday, July 20, 2014

Kelsey B.

A new style of a T-Shirt quilt was in the making for this quilt. This was an order for a T-shirt quilt but not  the usual framed in quilt.  Okay,  I can do this.  I had about 70 shirts with instructions on which side to use and what to make sure was used on that part of the T-shirt.  I really enjoyed the instructions because it framed out the importance of each T-shirt. I always find the center T-shirt first then work from there.  On this one it was "Daddy's  Little Girl".  There were two widths of T-shirts on this one I believe on about 12 inches and one  about 15 inches.   The order was to add the color striped trim around the border and frame it out in black.  This really pulled the quilt together.  It made it very happy!      
Just hanging!

Funny how the washing machine brings up the best part of the  quilt!

From the side to show the frame.
Close up of a cool college.

More close up.
The border.
Iron me up

Square me up.

The stack!

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