Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Place Mats.

I had this crazy idea to make place mats for my dining room.  We just had our house rewired and I ordered my first chandelier so I wanted my table to look dressed up but  not eat up the room.  I wanted each one to be different and subtle but not uniform. I wanted your eyes to travel around the table and look at them.  I sound like I have shit my together but when a friend told me they look like something you would make at Girl Scout camp I could not stop laughing or my girlfriend's mother who thought my fish wash an egg or a pineapple. I am glad that everyone has a sense of humor and an imagination. Being able to laugh at  your work is really a great feeling.
I made the stripes, added the fabric, put batting in the middle and away we go.
How they start.

What color goes with what.

The beginning of the flower.

Mr. Sunshine.

Peace started

Peace complete.

Flower because of rain.  Get it?

Sunshine with stars.


Ms Flamingo

Everyone has a heart.
Tic Tack Toe anyone?
Pineapple, egg or fish?

Not too bad?

Blends in nicely.

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