Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Knickers Galore (Anna Maria Horner)

I found this pattern on the most awesome AnnaMariaHorner.com website.  They are called knickers. I thought  I would give it a try and see how this worked using elastic.  Well, I did it!!! It was the first time I used elastic and now I am confident that I can use it in another way someday.  In her website she asked to not sell these precious little knickers so I have listened to her faithfully and have not.  What I have done was used them for trade or given them to my dear friend Nancy for her Grandson  Gabe. Gabe loves them.  He was kind of the first person that tested them out.  Thanks Gabe.  I traded them to Nancy for rocks that go around my back yard. Perfect. This really took care of my scraps and has opened up new ideas.  I think these are so cute that I had to show you all of the different fabrics I  used.  This becomes an obsession  for a few days so much that I had an assembly line to  keep it organized.  I made many different sizes but realized the 3 and 6 month old would probably be the ones I used the most.  I also found a quilt that had some of the fabric in one the kickers and we gave it as gift.

The gift.

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