Saturday, June 12, 2010


I began to look around my house and everything seemed so blah blah blah for summer. So I found some old pillows covered in dull colors and recovered them in these cooler prints which changed the whole look of the room. They seemed to "happy up" our living space. I feel like summer has arrived and I love looking at them. My girlfriend just painted her living room and she is ready to cover her pillows to give them a happy change! It makes me feel good that someone follows my design change. I know pretty hard to believe!

Oh and not to "dog" anyone out. The measurements I received for Hannah's quilt were given to me by the father. He measured the mattress and not the over hang which is what I wanted. Therefore the cool, hip quilt I made ended up only fitting over the top of the bed. A word to the wise do not let your hubby's measure the bed. (Sorry cousin Ricky just had to say it) Back to the drawing board. Whatever...