Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Nancy's 50th

This quilt originally started as one big plain quilt using the material that is now being used for the strips. I thought that was boring and my good friend deserved more. So I decided to start making squares and this is how it is transpiring. One of the things I learned at Denyse Schmidt's quilt workshop was to look at things straight forward and farther back. I am used to putting them on the floor but this time I found a chunk of white flannel and tucked it under the rafter of my old basement and pretended I was in an old warehouse and I knew what I was doing. I bought some more greens to go with this quilt to give it some new dimension. I had just a little of the lighter green you can see on the bottom left. At first I did not like it but I think it will get lost when more squares are completed. Later today I am going to try and sneak into the taping of Oprah on Michigan avenue. Maybe she'll be giving away bolts of cool fabric! Wish me luck.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Monday night I had the pleasure of seeing Steely Dan perform Aja at the magnificent Chicago theater. This album was released in 1977. Wow that was a long time ago and sewing was never on my mind. My how I have evolved! After the concert I was having a hard time coming down from the concert. (I hate when that happens) So I began to read up and refresh my memory of their lives. Walter Becker and Donald Fagan were perfectionists and at one time did not listen to the final production of an Album/ CD because it was not recorded exactly the way they wanted it recorded. I thought how wound up can you be? I too was the same with my balanced creativity then I realized you can have unbalanced creativity and it is OK. It is hard to believe how the word "artist" can define so many people. When you are on your next creative adventure, cut lose, get wild and see if you wake up the next day. I did. Thanks Walter and Donald for a great night.