Monday, November 28, 2016

Felt Lights Mania!

I found these cute as can be "Old Felt Lights" pattern on Elsie Marley's blog ( ) under tutorials on her site. I became obsessed and started making these every time I had a minute to cut, machine sew and sew the tops on to the top.  Once I made enough to string across my fireplace I knew I needed to make more and so I did!

They make my fireplace happy.
I made more for my dining room.
Happy lights!
This is how they look once they are cut.
My couch always has another step of the process just waiting for me and a good movie.
They became a part of the house everywhere.

My T-Shirt Quilt

I have had my T-shirts forever in hope of making a quilt out of them.  I finally pulled them out of the bin they have called home for many, many years and started sewing them together.  I had to have some organization so I started with my elementary school T-shirts in the top left hand corner and worked my way through my highs school years as well as college. I'm so happy my quilts found a home and are happy together.  I am! What a way to see my memories in one place.

Close up.

More fun memories.
Thank you for letting me share with you.

Becky's P.J's

The following blankets were made out of a friends pajamas! She loved her pajamas.  They were made out of high quality cotton and flannel.  I decided to make squares about 10" by 10" in order to preserve the pattern on each pair.  Everyone seemed to fall in love with the sock monkey pajamas the most.  We decided to place the squares randomly so that the quilt would look scrappy and unplanned. We had enough to make two throw blankets and two dog blankets for Zoe and Stella who are now two happy doggies.
Throw blanket with purple trim.
Throw blanket with green trim.
Dog blanket #1.
Dog blanket #2.
Closer now.
I used yarn to tie it together. I thought it seemed to fit the style of the quilt.
This is how it started.

This is how it ended and all the in between.