Sunday, February 28, 2016

Mother Love

This quilt was made for friend of a friend. A friend's mother  passed away unexpectedly and being a good friend she had her friend's husband to get these T-Shirts and had me make them into a quilt.  By looking at this quilt I see a woman that enjoyed her life and had many interests.
The full view.
The top closer

The bottom closer.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Baby Love

This quilt was made out of various baby clothes that were saved for eight years just waiting for the right person to make these into a delightful memory quilt for their granddaughter. Fast forward I stepped into this project at the dentists office.  One of the office ladies over heard a conversation of mine  about quilts and decided I would be the one to put together her memory quilt.  The order was pink. I had a hard time organizing the T-shirts because of the color so I had my design friend come to the rescue and hep with the order of the shirts.  I really liked how they all complimented each other and how the pink framed them out. 

Close up of special T-Shirts
I love Mickey!

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Amy's Quilt

Amy's quilt was a re-do! What is a re-do? A re-do is when you send it to someone online and you get it back and you look at it and think oh my goodness how did this happen and how what do I do now? This is where I come into the picture.  I took the old quilt a part piece by piece and did it exactly they way Amy wanted it.  I feel when you make a quilt for someone it should be exactly the way they envision their hard earned running t-shirts.  Amy has four sons and she wanted something in her house that is feminine looking.  This is what I came up with for her. We used white for the top of the quilt then Amy picked out a flannel backing.  Sure to keep her warm during our long winter  midwestern winters.
On the bed
A side view on the bed.  We put a yellow binding around it to pull the quilt together.  It was her husband's choice. SShhh
On the bed.
A little closer now.

The soft flannel backing.