Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Thanks for Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving my dear friend and her  husband had the extreme pleasure of meeting her son's new girlfriend.  She and her husband were extremely excited about this event occurring and could not wait see them and share Thanksgiving together. They were spending the night in Chicago so I thought there needed to be a cool gift for the cook ( the new girlfriend).  I found this apron but it did not have any straps on it.  So I added the scraps and hipped it up with Beatle fabric.  This really made the apron young!  I made a few potholders and added the Beatles fabric to them as well as some peace sign fabric.  I left some tissue  and a Nordstroms bag to wrap this cool - ass hostess gift in. I was told it was a big hit and was worn that night while the duck was being prepared.

So sorry for the shadows.
Fits perfect.  Duck looks great.