Thursday, July 17, 2014

Kitchen Make Over

My kitchen seems to get make overs frequently.  The kitchen make over to me is a new curtain and an album cover frame with the same fabric in it with some "Cool Stitchin" on it.  It helps to make it more visual and draw your eye in as well as give it some dimension. I find this activity very relaxing and that is a plus.
The curtains.

The cheap album cover with some "Cool Stitchin"
I had just finished doing some impulse buying at JoAnn's on a beautiful summer Saturday.  Later that day I was showing my friend the flower fabric and she replied with, "That should be in the kitchen for summer." Of  course, I listened to here and away I go.  I shortened them a bit from the other curtain.  I didn't care for how I stitched it before but it works. Sorry about the flashes on the picture..  I need to work on that part of picture taking.
Just stichin

Picture in frame

Close up of stiching.

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