Saturday, December 27, 2014

Mr. B Revisited

I have been really slow getting to my projects and completing them.  I finally pulled out the rest of the ties to make a table runner.  I did not realize until I sewed a few together that I needed to iron fusible interfacing to the back.  Once I did that it made things much easier to sew and to stay in place. I am happy with the result. 
 What color ties belong together?
 They seem to take over the area when working on these.
 Iron, iron and more iron.
 Now to cool a bit.
  Sewing them together.
 They must be trimmed straight now.

 Snip snip

 Sewn together! Looking good for the holidays.
 I like it!
Every other tie was sewn down with a little star.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Table Clothe

It seems like every Christmas I want to change things.  The Joann's by me was consolidating with another Joann's so they were trying to sell what they could so they would not have to move the merchandise. I fell in love with this green fabric and found the red pom pom to accent it.  It was not hard fast and it was really fun to sit at with my white china. 

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Pearl Love

My dear friend CoCo sent me this darn cute blue jean jacket to have a peace sign embroidered on her granddaughters jacket for Halloween. I thought, okay, I can do this. Once we figured out what each others language meant,  I was able to start this darn cute jacket.  The problem with me is I like to keep adding on to a project and embellish more not this darn cute jacket until I get tired of it or I feel like it is done to my taste.   Most people go for it but some do not.  Due to technology and my friend finally taking the plunge of buying an I Phone it was so easy to communicate through pictures. Amen to that!  Enjoy Pearl Love.

 It starts with chalk and a circle.

 Then,  I place the hoop around it to hold the jacket in place.  The order was for an aqua peace sign with it outlined in orange.
                                             I started the circle and just keep going around and around.
                                                  The aqua blue was next to be thickened up.

I just kept going around and around until it was thicker.  I think the next time I will not stop until I am done with one circle. I seemed to make it a little lop sided. If you ever need to do this you will see there are many variations of peace signs.
 A little closer now. The chalk helps to have a line to follow while sewing this darn cute jacket.
 This is the back of the cutest darn jacket.  The order was for a peace sign on the back.
The mother of Pearl graduated from Indiana University so I  added a little I.U.  love. I think she will love it!
 I added some stars around the sleeve that matched the I.U.  color.  I thought it would "happy up" the coat and add some cuteness to it.
 I made X's around the collar to make it pop and add some color to the front of the jacket and a little to the back.
 A close up of the peace sign.
 On the front of the jacket I added P.A.C the initials of Pearl Ann Cradic the soon to be owner of this darn cute jacket.

 A close-up of Pearl's initials.  
 A close up of the collar.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Tiny Yellowish Squares

Sometimes I get in the mood to cut squares VERY small and put them together.  That is what I did with this.  I love how it looks on  my bed. It is so happy and sunshiny it makes me smile every time I walk past that yellowish square blanket.
Sunny day quilt.

Sunny close up,

More sun!

On the bed.

A little closer now.

The size.

Flash power.  Denyse Schmidt meets Anna Maria Horner very nicely.


More closer.

Kelsey B.

A new style of a T-Shirt quilt was in the making for this quilt. This was an order for a T-shirt quilt but not  the usual framed in quilt.  Okay,  I can do this.  I had about 70 shirts with instructions on which side to use and what to make sure was used on that part of the T-shirt.  I really enjoyed the instructions because it framed out the importance of each T-shirt. I always find the center T-shirt first then work from there.  On this one it was "Daddy's  Little Girl".  There were two widths of T-shirts on this one I believe on about 12 inches and one  about 15 inches.   The order was to add the color striped trim around the border and frame it out in black.  This really pulled the quilt together.  It made it very happy!      
Just hanging!

Funny how the washing machine brings up the best part of the  quilt!

From the side to show the frame.
Close up of a cool college.

More close up.
The border.
Iron me up

Square me up.

The stack!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Kitchen Make Over

My kitchen seems to get make overs frequently.  The kitchen make over to me is a new curtain and an album cover frame with the same fabric in it with some "Cool Stitchin" on it.  It helps to make it more visual and draw your eye in as well as give it some dimension. I find this activity very relaxing and that is a plus.
The curtains.

The cheap album cover with some "Cool Stitchin"
I had just finished doing some impulse buying at JoAnn's on a beautiful summer Saturday.  Later that day I was showing my friend the flower fabric and she replied with, "That should be in the kitchen for summer." Of  course, I listened to here and away I go.  I shortened them a bit from the other curtain.  I didn't care for how I stitched it before but it works. Sorry about the flashes on the picture..  I need to work on that part of picture taking.
Just stichin

Picture in frame

Close up of stiching.