Wednesday, December 21, 2011

You can't always quilt

Untitled by webquilts
Untitled, a photo by webquilts on Flickr.

Kelsey's Blanket

Kelsey's blanket by webquilts
This was made out of the scraps from a previous quilt (Modern Blue and Brown).  My girlfriend liked it so much it was made for her niece as a Christmas present. It was delivered this morning and I am hoping she will like this and take it to Bloomington as it's resting place during her college years.  Not a bad place to be hanging out if you were a quilt.  Just think of the stories you could tell.

She loves it!!

She loves it!! by webquilts
After the above post was written I checked my phone for messages and there this was.  I think Aunt Becky nailed it on this one.  Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas

This was made by my good friend Burno probably 20 years ago. Every year I put it underneath my tree it makes me smile.  She charged me $30.00  for it way back when. Now looking back at it that was a steal. Little did I know how much work was put into this.  I added the fish on the red part.  Not sure why just did. I think some day this will be passed onto her daughter. What a great keepsake.Thanks Burno!

Hogan's Memories Kelly

Hogan's Memories by webquilts
This blanket was made with T-shirts from a fellow IU fan's late husband and daughters.  She picked out the fabric and I did the rest.  She emailed me at 3:30AM weepy eyed to tell me how it brought back great memories of her daughter growing up.  I think she liked it. I'm glad.

Hogan's Memories Colleen

Hogan's Memories by webquilts
This is the same style made for the other daughter.  They both had to be even in my mind to keep the peace.  But I was told over and over they would not  be upset about any unevenness. Sure.  She liked this one too.  I'm glad.

Monday, December 19, 2011


This blanket was make for Lexi.  Her mother is young and hip and this is reflected in the style of the blanket. My dear friend Nancy waited patiently as I chose the colors that she requested so that it would be just right for Lexi and her mother. :)
A little closer now.  I love the energy in the blanket.  I hope this does not reflect the child! Oh my.

Love the color

Love the color by webquilts
Saw this in New York  during a rainy night walk. I love the way the rain made it shine. We don't have far to go to see great color. It's almost like the city placed the table and chairs in the right spots for my picture. Thank you

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


In the washing machine getting close to it's final resting place.I just love how it show cases only a small part of the quilt but still looks so cool! Love. Love. Love it!
In the back yard getting it's last glimpse of green grass and fresh air.
This quilt was made out of scraps and is heading to Bloomington, IN to a great couple, Becky  and Scott hence "The Higgins".  Becky has always been a fan of my "scrap" quilts" and lets me just "go with the feeling".  That is always a great feeling when you can be creative with a client's blessing. Becky it is time to come and pick up your new member of the family.  "Higgins" is ready to go to Bloomington and become "one" with  you, Scott, Stella and Lola!  A great place to be.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Winning Running T - Shirt Quilt

This T-shirt quilt was sewn as a request by a runner. All of the T-shirts are from races he WON! Wow! I wish I could say that but that would mean I would have to practice this sport probably quite a bit. Ugh. I think I 'd rather sew. 

You can't always sew!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Pretty Flowers

When ever these flowers bloom I know it is the end of summer.  This is good and bad. I know that I  have two massive T-shirt quilts that I need to finish before Christmas.  I also have one more to finish for a high school graduate.  When ever I get wiggy about this I just start to knock it off a little bit every week.  Once I get a grip on the start  I will be OK. It seems like this time of the year means nothing stops until Christmas.  Hold on because here we go!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Happy Quilt

Here I am again with that weird washing machine fetish! Just look at it.  It is screaming, "I am ready for my new home".  The colors looks so vivid and it makes me excited that this is the end of this process.  It is almost like it is wrapped up and smiling at me!  This quilt was made as a gift for a commitment ceremony. It will have a new home in Tacoma, Washington.  It is only about a year late. (I hate when that happens)  It started as the flower quilt that had the colors that kept eating each color up. Those squares ended up as a big part of the scrap quilt I previously blogged about.  I think the happy couple will enjoy this quilt and it will cheer up their cloudy days.  Lets face we all need  a little cheering up. :)
On the fence.
A little closer now.
Just thought the flowers were fun.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Scraps Everywhere!

The above and below pictures are pieces of a scrap quilt I am making for a friend.  I start with one section by adding on different pieces of scraps I find. Then, I sew another section until it gets to a size that I  think will be ready to help the quilt grow!  After I finish the pieces I begin to place them strategically so that each section is not eating up the other by color.  This quilt was a request from a friend who loves to have scraps quilts.  I enjoy making them too.  I  love to get rid of scraps that seem to take up so much space.  Although this happens, the pile of fabric never seems to go down. :(

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Modern Blue and Brown

 I told you I have a weird fetish with the washing machine and fabric.  This is the quilt in the machine finished. I just like this look!
 It is done now and this is the final product!! I am happy with this quilt and my shadow!
 A little closer now.
The back side...............

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

You can't always sew.

 Somethimes you need to get out and cut loose with younger people to find inspiration!
    Sometimes young people need to do the same.

                It feels great for all. Try it.

Pillow love

The above pillows are waiting for their prospective homes.  Their quilts are in  "quilt land".  They will be joining them soon.  This may be the last time they get to spend time together.  Can you tell which ones are related?

Tucker Miles Luchuga

I had a request for a blanket that I had already made but after I saw the baby in his bright yellow,  hip,  newborn ducky sleeper I knew  the blanket my dear friend had picked out was not going to work.  So I made another blanket.(the one you are seeing) out of some scraps.  I left her both of the blankets so she could pick.  If she picks the other one I will be shocked.  I'll keep you posted. You have to admit that is quite a solid name.
A little closer.

Monday, June 27, 2011

German boy.

This  quilt  was made as a request for a German exchange student.   It is the colors of his favorite soccer team in Germany.  It was a quick quilt. Still waiting to hear from him to see if he likes it.  MMmmmmm?

Purple Power finds a home.

This was one of my first quilts that never seemed to find a home, so I donated it to a an organization named S.O.A.R. They make sure a neignborhooed in Chicago stays extremely nice. It was a silent auction (my first) so of course we kept going over and sneaking to see who or if anyone bid on it.  The bidding started at $75.00. the final bid was $150.00.  I wanted to see who bought it because every time someone bid on it the other person bid it.  They must have really liked it.  This quilt needed a home and now it has one.  I know I feel better already.  A woman at this "gala" picked up my card and wants a T-shirt quilt made for her husband with his runner T-shirts.  Yae a new quilting adventure.

When I look at this quilt I see that I was dong improvisational patchwork before I even knew what it was called.

I like this one too!

You can't always quilt.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


This flower fabric was  the  inspiration for  this quilt. I found a few other colors  to go with  it, without over powering the flowers.

 For some odd reason I liked ths picture so I thought I would share it wtih you.

This is the back.  A little Denyse Schmidty

The peaceful pillows.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Chlole's Peace Quilt

This blanket was designed by a hip teenagers mother. She wanted to change her daughter's room into a new oasis.  It started with strips of fabric being cut into squares.

It ended up like this!

The back looked like this. I love the splash of yellow

The design behing the pillows was to calm down the pattern.  I  envision every teenager with a pillow to throw at the door when their mean parent tells them they can't go somewhere or buy something.  Don't you?

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The squares....too busy....too chaotic

                     I ripped the red and white after I saw what a mess I had created.  Then I had this crazy idea I would add some yellow to wake it up.  What was that all about.?

            The yellow made this so chaotic that I could hardly stand to look at it.  I am waiting for my design friend to come over and rescue this quilt.  Lord knows it needs it needs it.  Each color is eating the other one right up!