Sunday, April 8, 2012

California Dreaming

This Christmas we went to San Diego to visit friends and see what this city was about.  While there we spent time with my college friend  Maria and her husband Michael.  After taking a tour of her home I decided she needed a quilt.  I found the blue, then we went from there. This is what I came up with. It is being sent today and I hope it works well for her spare bedroom.
There is more to this story.  While there, Maria told me of a friend who is single and I told her of my my friend who is single, so in February I sent them both an email.  The status as of now is that they are dating.  That's all I know. I think that is enough.
I also had another revolution while in San Diego and this transpired after I saw my friends house with NO STUFF anywhere!.  Her house had a very peaceful feeling.. So, of course I asked where her "stuff" was.  She replied, "When something comes in, something goes out." mmm so I have gone through may basement and realized I am probably not going to wear those shoes that have been sitting their for a couple of years.. oh and that exercise ball...mmmm just look at me! I am calling  mine cleaning..."phases" but I have taken bags of clothes out along with "stuff." You know, it feels much better. I am still here and it IS a good feeling.  Thanks Maria.