Wednesday, December 21, 2011

You can't always quilt

Untitled by webquilts
Untitled, a photo by webquilts on Flickr.

Kelsey's Blanket

Kelsey's blanket by webquilts
This was made out of the scraps from a previous quilt (Modern Blue and Brown).  My girlfriend liked it so much it was made for her niece as a Christmas present. It was delivered this morning and I am hoping she will like this and take it to Bloomington as it's resting place during her college years.  Not a bad place to be hanging out if you were a quilt.  Just think of the stories you could tell.

She loves it!!

She loves it!! by webquilts
After the above post was written I checked my phone for messages and there this was.  I think Aunt Becky nailed it on this one.  Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas

This was made by my good friend Burno probably 20 years ago. Every year I put it underneath my tree it makes me smile.  She charged me $30.00  for it way back when. Now looking back at it that was a steal. Little did I know how much work was put into this.  I added the fish on the red part.  Not sure why just did. I think some day this will be passed onto her daughter. What a great keepsake.Thanks Burno!

Hogan's Memories Kelly

Hogan's Memories by webquilts
This blanket was made with T-shirts from a fellow IU fan's late husband and daughters.  She picked out the fabric and I did the rest.  She emailed me at 3:30AM weepy eyed to tell me how it brought back great memories of her daughter growing up.  I think she liked it. I'm glad.

Hogan's Memories Colleen

Hogan's Memories by webquilts
This is the same style made for the other daughter.  They both had to be even in my mind to keep the peace.  But I was told over and over they would not  be upset about any unevenness. Sure.  She liked this one too.  I'm glad.

Monday, December 19, 2011


This blanket was make for Lexi.  Her mother is young and hip and this is reflected in the style of the blanket. My dear friend Nancy waited patiently as I chose the colors that she requested so that it would be just right for Lexi and her mother. :)
A little closer now.  I love the energy in the blanket.  I hope this does not reflect the child! Oh my.

Love the color

Love the color by webquilts
Saw this in New York  during a rainy night walk. I love the way the rain made it shine. We don't have far to go to see great color. It's almost like the city placed the table and chairs in the right spots for my picture. Thank you