Saturday, October 18, 2014

Pearl Love

My dear friend CoCo sent me this darn cute blue jean jacket to have a peace sign embroidered on her granddaughters jacket for Halloween. I thought, okay, I can do this. Once we figured out what each others language meant,  I was able to start this darn cute jacket.  The problem with me is I like to keep adding on to a project and embellish more not this darn cute jacket until I get tired of it or I feel like it is done to my taste.   Most people go for it but some do not.  Due to technology and my friend finally taking the plunge of buying an I Phone it was so easy to communicate through pictures. Amen to that!  Enjoy Pearl Love.

 It starts with chalk and a circle.

 Then,  I place the hoop around it to hold the jacket in place.  The order was for an aqua peace sign with it outlined in orange.
                                             I started the circle and just keep going around and around.
                                                  The aqua blue was next to be thickened up.

I just kept going around and around until it was thicker.  I think the next time I will not stop until I am done with one circle. I seemed to make it a little lop sided. If you ever need to do this you will see there are many variations of peace signs.
 A little closer now. The chalk helps to have a line to follow while sewing this darn cute jacket.
 This is the back of the cutest darn jacket.  The order was for a peace sign on the back.
The mother of Pearl graduated from Indiana University so I  added a little I.U.  love. I think she will love it!
 I added some stars around the sleeve that matched the I.U.  color.  I thought it would "happy up" the coat and add some cuteness to it.
 I made X's around the collar to make it pop and add some color to the front of the jacket and a little to the back.
 A close up of the peace sign.
 On the front of the jacket I added P.A.C the initials of Pearl Ann Cradic the soon to be owner of this darn cute jacket.

 A close-up of Pearl's initials.  
 A close up of the collar.

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Roberta Roberts-Cradick said...

I love this jean jacket. I am thankful for Debby and her incredible sewing talent. I can't wait to give this jacket to my granddaughter Pearl. Now I want one just like it!