Thursday, June 21, 2012

T & S

 Boy do I have a story for you. This quilt was made as a request for a wedding gift from another couple.  It is very hard for me to make a quilt for someone when you don't have much information on the person.  I had shown them the picture of a quilt on my bed that I thought may be similar to what they were looking for. The seemed to like it but added the following information.

Their style is modern craftsman/ Frank Loyd Wright -type. styles; earthy colors (moss green, stone etc.) They also like traveling to Mexico if that helps with the theme.  They also like music, bowling, have two pets (dog and cat).

All I could think of was................ HELP!

 Oh and they wanted a T & S on it.  I had never done this before and let me tell you I did some soul searching on this one. First, I tried to talk them out of it because the way I thougth I would have to do it was to make it the size of each each square and that is all they would see when they looked at the quilt.  I even asked if I could put it on the back. Of course the answer was no. :(  So smart husband jumped in and made the letters below on the computer and I sewed them on .I liked the style because it was soft.  I wanted them to be quiet so they would not eat up the quilt. I think I could do cool things with letters now. Thanks Bob! After I mailed it out with my fingers crossed,  I received the following email.
  Got it. You nailed it. It's exactly what as we imagined and will be perfect for their home. It's           completely awesome. They'll love it as much as we. Check is in the mail.

Amen to that!

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