Thursday, June 21, 2012

Florida Quilt

This Easter vacation we went to Florida to visit our great friends.  While there I slept underneath a quilt I had made for them in 2008! So, I thought I would take it outside and hang it up and take some sunny pictures of it .  Gus and Max decided they would pose in the picture while hanging by the pool.  The more I looked at this quilt the more I realized why it is in Florida. I wish someone would send me down there to lie around too.
This is the back side of the quilt.  I love, love, love the back side.  The fabrics are sweet and there is just enough of each color to make it sing together.  It looks so peaceful and serene.  Or it could just  be me admiring it. Mmmm....:)
                                                                     A little closer now.

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