Thursday, June 21, 2012

Andy's Quilt

 I was so excited to finish this quilt.  This was the third quilt I have made for the same family.  There are four boys and this is  number three. (Andy) This quilt was special. Jenny (the mother) wanted it to look  like the high school colors red and white.  I am not a fan of white.  Gets dirty fast and is stark for a quilt. I compromised and had the binding done in white.  This really made the rest of the quilt POP! Another request was to have Andy's football  jersey's in the quilt. This was also a new adventure for me.  The only way I could do that was to put one in all four corners.  I needed the balance in the quilt or it would DRIVE ME NUTS. I like this quilt. I like how the white makes the quilt pop!

Now to the pictures.  Some friends of ours stopped over and they were driving a 65 truck.  Not sure what kind but it did not have seat belts and the gas tank was behind the seat.  YIKES.  So I had a Sundance moment and started snapping pictures.  A few beers and the blue skies, I could not stop.
 I thought you would like them all.  I was not paying attention to my shadow, just the centering of the quilt and cool- ass truck. That is Pam in the truck holding it up for me.Thanks Pam!! Three down and one to go.

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