Sunday, August 7, 2011

Happy Quilt

Here I am again with that weird washing machine fetish! Just look at it.  It is screaming, "I am ready for my new home".  The colors looks so vivid and it makes me excited that this is the end of this process.  It is almost like it is wrapped up and smiling at me!  This quilt was made as a gift for a commitment ceremony. It will have a new home in Tacoma, Washington.  It is only about a year late. (I hate when that happens)  It started as the flower quilt that had the colors that kept eating each color up. Those squares ended up as a big part of the scrap quilt I previously blogged about.  I think the happy couple will enjoy this quilt and it will cheer up their cloudy days.  Lets face we all need  a little cheering up. :)
On the fence.
A little closer now.
Just thought the flowers were fun.

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John and Regina Zdravich said...

How did you take the washing machine picture??? I can't quite figure that one out. The quilt is beautiful, of course, as always!