Monday, June 27, 2011

Purple Power finds a home.

This was one of my first quilts that never seemed to find a home, so I donated it to a an organization named S.O.A.R. They make sure a neignborhooed in Chicago stays extremely nice. It was a silent auction (my first) so of course we kept going over and sneaking to see who or if anyone bid on it.  The bidding started at $75.00. the final bid was $150.00.  I wanted to see who bought it because every time someone bid on it the other person bid it.  They must have really liked it.  This quilt needed a home and now it has one.  I know I feel better already.  A woman at this "gala" picked up my card and wants a T-shirt quilt made for her husband with his runner T-shirts.  Yae a new quilting adventure.

When I look at this quilt I see that I was dong improvisational patchwork before I even knew what it was called.

I like this one too!

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