Tuesday, September 13, 2011


In the washing machine getting close to it's final resting place.I just love how it show cases only a small part of the quilt but still looks so cool! Love. Love. Love it!
In the back yard getting it's last glimpse of green grass and fresh air.
This quilt was made out of scraps and is heading to Bloomington, IN to a great couple, Becky  and Scott hence "The Higgins".  Becky has always been a fan of my "scrap" quilts" and lets me just "go with the feeling".  That is always a great feeling when you can be creative with a client's blessing. Becky it is time to come and pick up your new member of the family.  "Higgins" is ready to go to Bloomington and become "one" with  you, Scott, Stella and Lola!  A great place to be.

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John and Regina Zdravich said...

how did you get that photo of the quilt in the washing machine like that? too interesting....
love the scrap quilt, too.