Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Emily & Cory

This quilt was made for two hip happening girls who tied the knot this October. I had the picture of the sunset of the as the inspiration design  of the quilt. This was not an easy task. I started trying to make sand and then blues and greens and dark clouds for the sky but this was not working. So I stopped and revisited this project in three months later and totally changed the design.  I made triangles instead of squares and went to the hexagons.  The quilt started to change and it was starting to flow.  I found some orange that I wanted to put in it because I remember during a conversation with Emily her emphasizing the orange.  I hope they love it.  This quilt will reside in San Diego in a loving home. Shew!
Full view of  triangles made into hexagons.

Water meets the sky somehow.
Heart love represents the sunset.

How it starts.
Sewing rows together.

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