Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Basement Make - Over Ground Zero

I am posting about my basement project because it is the beginning of my new "quilt cave". This began with me trying to scrape the ugly brown paint off the floor with a little brown scrapper I purchased from Pampered Chef! Well, that did not work at all.  Next idea was to buy the liquid gel stuff that smells like citrus and do one little spot at a time.  That citrus smelly stuff almost gave me a heart attack.  Next idea was my husband's to rent a grinder and grind it off.  We would do one side at a time and then the other.  He spent a Saturday morning grinding and I was upstairs with a mask on because cement dust seems to rise. I aborted that mission and began to call around to see if anyone would take on this task. I found a guy  who knew stuff and would even paint our ceiling white! Yae

Our grinding job.
The brown floor and the other side with all of our stuff!
What a mess.
Our poor furnace.
The upstairs ready for Dexter.
Keep the dust out.
Keep my plants safe.

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