Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Basement Project #1

Our basement has just gone under a crazy, huge, new floor renovation.  I have slowly gotten rid of anything that doesn't have any meaning and is not purposeful.  I am now in nooks that need a little bit of love.  I could not stand the way the furnace vent looked so I started to paint it pink.  The wires began to stick out more for some reason so I decided to start following them and cutting them. Amen Enough was enough.  My goal was to only paint the ugly vent wall pink then all hell broke lose. This project cost me $20.00!
The beginning.

Looks better but not quite done.
After I painted the chimney pink I could not stop.  I continued to paint the 2 by 4's pink because the room needed a bit more to come alive. Rather, I could not stop.  This little funky area came alive every time I added to it.  The black and white design was a table clothe that I fell in love with so I cut it up and put a piece of Cubs duct tape (Good luck) to hold it on the top and kind of made it fit just by smoothing it out.  I love it!

When  If finished the  room wasn't quite complete.  The drainage pipe stuck out and so did the white piece of wood on the end.
Closer now.
I could not stand the way the vent looked so my wonderful husband came to the rescue and helped me make a template and we added a piece around the vent to cover the yucky pipe. The drainage pipe looked too stark so  I covered it with some of the table clothe that was left over.  I had just enough! I painted the outside piece of wood pink and the whole area now is compete and I can't wait to make it happy with accessories that I have just waiting for a new place to reside.
I have the daintiest water pipe in town!

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