Monday, September 24, 2012

My Awesome Table Cloth

I have been on a major fabric binge! Help!!! I have been working on a quilt for the "apron couple".  Yes, that is what  we refer to them now. So when I started looking for fabric for them I ended up at my favorite Hancock's of all time twice.  This one is next to Midway Airport and kind of in a gnarly neighborhood, but filled with fabric that makes me and my quilts happy.  I found my inspiration piece for "apron couple" and then I needed more. (but of course.)  So I made my way to Hobby Lobby and found some more. I needed just a little bit more again.... of course.  So, I made my way to Joann's where there is country music playing on a little radio (just thought I would add that in) and found this taffeta fabric and knew I had to have it!!! The worker told me you could use it for a portion of the table. I thought on no sweetie this is going to rock my dining room.  I pinned the beads on the bottom that I just happened to have in the basement waiting to brake a way and be a part of the upstairs and voila.  The color seems to showcase any thing colorful.  I can't wait to eat off of this at Christmas.

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Eddward Weber said...

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