Wednesday, October 2, 2013


DSC01365Vikki has been an employee where I work and a well liked one at that.  She was always very proud of her son for his accomplishments as a track coach.  Vikki had brought over his T-shirts to make his second quilt. A week later she had a stroke and died.  This was a shock to many people.  Vikki had touched many people's lives throughout her career. Now, what do I do with the T-shirts? I went to the funeral home and found her distraught son and had a conversation about the T-shirts and how we would get them to him since he lived in San Antonio, Texas. We came up with a plan.  As I made this quilt I was amazed at all the places he had traveled with his track coaching and I realized how proud she was of him and why. Vikki loved her boys. This quilt was special to me in many ways.  I knew this would be the last one and probably the last time I would have a connection to her son. I know that her spirit will live on through all that met her and my quilts will be a keepsake for his family for a long time. Amen.
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