Wednesday, January 1, 2014


These ties belonged to my dear friend's father who passed away a couple years ago. We began to open  up  the ties as originally planned but I began to see a tear in his daughter's eye and realized that Mr. B's ties were not ready to be sewn, tore or taken out of their perfectly folded plastic case. Mr. B was a very distinguished kind hearted, friendly man who I always enjoyed visiting with. His ties became my life.

There at least 75 of Mr. B's ties that ranged in colors blue, brown and red. It was quite a task that I should have not sat on all summer, but I did.  My first hunch was to take them apart and iron a fusible interface to hold them together for the sewing. I did not enjoy this because it stretched the heck out of them.  I decided to zig zag then together on top.  Ahh much better.  I am on my way now. After this I cut the into square size pieces sorta.  Then I sewed the squares together after I placed them together in an order that I thought would enhance the uniqueness of the squares.  Then sew them together.

  This was quite a task and frankly scared the crap out of me! From what I have been told the quilts were a hit for Christmas.  What bothers me the most is that there are left over ties and now she wants table runners out of those! Help!

                                                        So many ties everywhere!

Grrrr How do I sort these??

They were everywhere.

Zig Zag together

Which color goes with what??

Ties added to squares.

                                                                     Sewn together.

 Completed red ties with the gold. (My favorite)

 Brown ties with beige. (Hi Scott!)

Blue ties with gray

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