Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Merry Beatles

It seemed to be a Beatle Christmas this year. In my family we pick names and I had my brother's name who is a "music head" So I thought I would make him a Beatles quilt. His basement is filled with all types of music memorabilia. I found the fabric first and of course fell in love with it so I bought it all.  Yes, nobody was making anything out of this fabric but moi! I tried to find pictures from all eras which wasn't as hard as I thought it might be.  This whole process made me sad as to I used to dance to the Beatles and pretend I could jump through the TV onto the  stage and be with them.  I was also at Shea Stadium in 1964 begging my father to let me go see them when they played there and nobody could hear a thing.  I was only six at the time and we were in New York at the Worlds Fair. But I WANTED to see the Beatles.  Back to the story. There were so many pictures I couldn't believe it! So I put the pictures on photo fabric and found one color I had in my stash to frame them in.  It was fun and I liked how it turned out.  I am going to post a some close ups so you can see them better.


John and Regina Zdravich said...

What a cool quilt!! Can't wait to see the close ups!

Alice said...

I bet your brother loved it! So cool Deb.